How Digital Marketing Can Make You 5 Figures and Quit Your Job.

All you need are 2 hours/day and a laptop.

Afnan Jalil


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There was a time when I used to be super concerned about not getting any clients as a freelancer.

After chasing clients for almost 3 years and getting banned on LinkedIn I realized that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with this kind of arrangement.

I envied people who would post their earnings and boast about the pile of orders they have (as a freelancer) and it annoyed me.

I loved writing but it was just too draining for me to work on the strict terms and deadlines of the client.

It often felt like a 12 or sometimes 16 hours long of a job I started to hate. That resentment affected the quality of my work (in a very bad way) and motivation to entertain the leads.

and the time came when I stopped taking any gigs :)

But we all need money and sometimes need a lot of it.

So after reading a zillion blog posts and spending countless hours on YouTube, Instagram, and Medium about making money online —

Fate led me toward the surprising world of digital marketing (the art of just promoting stuff and making money online).

It wasn’t just a little money, but big bucks. Way bigger than I ever earned while freelancing and my first thought was: this is a legit scam!!

Fast forward to 3 months, pursuing that scam as a hopeless romantic made me my first $3000.

But not to joke or bluff, people are making 10k per month easily with this.

Original earnings of the author

This all came to me with just promoting products made by other people and making a commission on the sales made through my referrals.

and if you want to know the exact strategy and system I followed check out this Affiliate Marketing Actionable Checklist.

Digital marketing can work in 2 ways (you don’t have to create any product by yourself) :

  1. Affiliate marketing (you keep a x % profit)



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